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The Killing Continues


Why is it that when a major natural catastophe occurs people rush to aid the injured and seek to find survivors?  Recently an earthquake took place in Nepal and people spent days searching for those who might still be buried alive.  Donations are sent in their millions to aid and assist those 'on the ground'.  Most laudable.

Before that we have had the Ebola outbreak in Western Africa where thousands of people died and left children ophans.  Although money wasn't raised in similar amounts to help, medics went out there to help and Govenments did what they could to provide special hospitals and staff to eliviate the disease and relieve the situation.  This crisis may now be averted, but having not been reported in the media it is hard to say what is still happening.  But people cared and were aware of the situation.

Many people have been killed or displaced by ISIS in the Middle East.  Refugees are fleeing from them and being looked after in refugee camps as best they can by those seeking to keep them alive.

Planes crash or go missing.  Ships sink or capsize.  People are concerned about those on board and do everything possible to save as many as possible.  Whatever the situation people care about others, sometimes putting themselves in danger without a thought for themselves.  It is a natural instinct to help others when they are most in need.

Except when it comes to the killing of unborn babies by abortion.  Then nations turn a blind eye.  They do not want to get involved.  In fact they go further - Governments actually pay for the killings to take place.  In the UK approximately 500 unborn babies are killed by abortion each day.  The vast majority of these killings used to be done in the NHS hospitals or in Marie Stopes or British Pregnancy Advisory Services (BPAS) clinics across the nation.  Nowadays the vast majority of these killings take place possibly in the home.  This is due to the drugs (RU486) that are given to women and young girls by the hospital or clinic in the first nine weeks of the pregnancy.  This drug starts to break down the lining of the womb so that the baby cannot survive.  The mother then leaves the hospital or clinic to return home for a couple of days before returning for the second course of drugs that should then expel the unborn child.  Except nobody can say when the baby might actually leave the mother's body.  This could be at home, on the bus or even in the street.

How can any mother go through this truamatic time and not understand what she is doing to her unborn child?  And who cares for her reasons for doing this?  Not the medical profession who give her the drugs.  Not the school who sent her to the clinic.  Not the parents of the young mother who may not even know about their grandchild that is being destroyed.  Probably not even the father of the unborn baby who may not know of the child's existence, or if he does know he may be forcing the mother of the baby to 'get rid of it'.  And not society in general who have closed their eyes and minds to what is taking place on a daily basis.

Since the 1967 Abortion Act became law over 8 million unborn babies have died by abortion.  Many more unborn babies have died through IVF, embryo experimentation, the Morning After Pill and other forms of contraceptives that are abortificients.  And still there is no outcry by society.  It has been nearly 50 years since the legal killings of our unborn began in the UK.  It took William Wilberforce 40 years to bring in legislation to stop slavery and to give former slaves their human status again.  When will the unborn human baby be given their human status and their inaliable right to life again?  When will society do all that they can to save the unborn human instead of concentrating on animal rights?  And when will society recognise the emotional, spiritual, physical damage that the killing of unborn babies does to the mother of that child?

As a so called caring civilised society shouldn't we be caring for the mother and her unborn child and giving them all the love and support that we give to others in their time of need?  Abortion is the biggest killer in the world and society accepts it as normal and many cry out for it to be made even more available especially to those in the poorest of nations.  We all want the killing to stop worldwide by those who use guns.  Can we also aim to stop the killing worldwide by those who use medical means to kill, especially the unborn?

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Please visit May Blossom Ministries - Christian Healing after Abortion, if you have been affected by a baby being killed by abortion, or if you know someone who has.

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